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MetallForm GmbH. (Hal Far Industrial Estate) 

Tailor-Made GUI applications

While working at MetallForm I had the privilege of coding and designing 3 tailor-made GUI systems 2 of which involved the assistance of day to day tasks of other employees and 1 which was a newly proposed system for managerial use when recording data related to hardware.

The HardwareSystem consisted of a database setup using MySQL as a back-end system to help store any data recorded on a central server system. The main interface of the system was coding using Microsoft Visual Studios utilizing CSharp and XAML (a version of XML markup language made extensible for the coding structure being used). WPF or Windows Presentation Foundation was used to bridge the aesthetic design of the system along with the functionality of the features within the system.

The Second system deals with the process of scanning sensitive documents which needed to have a specific naming convention followed by an allocation on the server upon receipt on the local PC. Using CSharp, XAML and WPF like the latter, a simplistic but aesthetic GUI was created to be used on the local machines so that the documents could be moved to the server without the need of moving them one by one and/or searching for the documents amongst other documents which proved to be daunting prior to the creation of the system. 

The system comprised of a simple UI where upon launching the application, the app would automatically perform the desired tasks and show the following information back to the user:

  • New Files Entered
  • Files Updated On Server
  • Incomplete or non-transferred files

​The application and system achieved ease of use and simplification of day to day tasks of employees and is currently being used.

The third and final system deals with a similar process as the latter but instead of simply moving sensitive documents onto the server the system deals with the sorting of scanned invoices  depending on the naming convention given which includes:

  • Date and Time
  • Type of Invoice

​The system sorts the documents accordingly and gives the user options on which section of the server the information should be allocated. Upon selection of either option, the system automatically takes care of the documents found on the local PC and issues a report based on the same three possible result occurrences as seen in the latter system.

Personal Work Portfolio

Photography Colour Correction

Having a passion for photography and cars during my spare time I have taken the opportunity to increase my skills in colour correction whereby I take an original image and through filters and different layers using Photoshop CS6 I enhance some of the main factors of that image (i.e. contrast, brightness, RGB Levels, hue/saturation, etc.) Below is a before and after of both my own personal photographs that I have taken and also some which I have obtained from the internet.

Jurgen Baldacchino

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Hands on Activities 

Common Purpose (33Sixty Glasgow 2016)

In 2016 I was elected to represent Malta in a Commonwealth Event to help discuss with 100 international representatives from the commonwealth countries to help address the  challenge on "How to create a step change in the way the private, public and non for-profit sectors work amongst one another". The meeting grounds for the event was in Glasgow Scotland and the event was based on a 4 day set of conferences which include:

  • Meeting with multiple companies based in Scotland from all three above mentioned sectors to see the challenges that they face in their day to day running of their business.
  • Networking with the 100 participants present in the event to both get to know each other and also to get one another viewpoints on different aspects on both the challenge and other factors.
  • Grouping up into designated teams in order to come up with a pitch proposal for the final day's presentation.
  • Pitching the said proposal to high up members and senior representatives of Scotland.
  • Networking with leaders and senior participants across the commonwealth taking part in the 2016 commonwealth games.

The event also held activities to help each and every participant identify strengths and weaknesses in one another to both enhance the experience and also to help each individual identify the potential roles he/she could play within the journey (refer to slideshow and gallery).

The event was very fruitful as it lead to one's understanding of challenges faced not only in the designated challenge, but also in working in a multi-cultural environment. The event helped one enhance leadership and communication skills and also contributed in the broadening of the network horizon.

MARBOA Filming Experience

In 2014 I took part in a filming experience where a group of film school students from Birmingham Ormiston Academy (BOA) came down to Malta to construct a film advertisement targeting a middle age business man with the aim of bringing appeal to such individuals to come down to Malta on holiday. Teams were given two roles, one team which was responsible for the filming and compilation of the advertisement while the other team was responsible for the generation of a transmedia application to be used online as an alternate mean of attraction towards the targeted audience. 

Hardware System Gallery 


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